Galfan coated wire

General Details

Galfan coated wire is covered with Zn-Al (Al 5%+Zn 95% or Al 10%+Zn 90%) alloy. Its corrosion resistance performance is about three times stronger than traditional galvanized wire. This is why it can be used to achieve a longer service life than the wires which are made of other materials. Through the replacement of traditional zinc coating with a thinner galfan wire coating, it offers improved weldability and formability properties.

  • Longer service life than galvanized wire.
  • Strong corrosion resistance.
  • Good ductility.

Diameter:  1.2mm — 8.0mm

Tensile strength: 350 to 1620Mpa

Coating: 150 -800g/㎡

Packing: in coils or on wooden reels or on plastic spool.

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