Galvanized steel wire strand for ACSR

General Details

1) Application: Used for mechanical re-inforcement in the manufacture of aluminum conductor steel reinforced(ACSR) Cable & Conductor ACSR Core wire is used in reinforcement of aluminium conductors used in distribution and transmission of electricity. ACSR Core strand.

2) Material: high carbon steel

3) Construction: 3-wire strand (1×3), 7-wire strand (1×7), 19-wire strand (1×19), 37-wire strand (1×37)

Strand sizes: 1.0mm — 18.92 mm

4) Tensile strength: different Grade from min.1470 N/mm² to min.1960N/mm²

5) Surface: Galvanized in Coating Class A or B. (Galvanized Steel Strand) , can be Greasing if required.

Choosing the right and special grease can effectively ensure that even if the wire strand is stored in the open air in the hot desert, the grease on the surface will not drip.

6) Packing:  in coils or on wooden reel.

7) Standard: ASTM B500, ASTM A475. (Galvanized Steel Strand)

8) All can be produced according to customers’ actual requirement.


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