Shaped Metal Wire & Bars

General Details


Parts for spring lock & other hardware

Medical instrument

Handle & Decoration

part for automobile component piston ring

Stainless Steel (AISI304, 304L , 316. 316L , other alloy type available).

Steel (High Carbon, Medium Carbon, Low Carbon Steel, other type available)

Other material as per customers’ requirements

Rectangle, Triangle, Oval, Square, Hexagon etc. many other sections available

General Size:

Rectangular Section: Thickness Min. 0.2mm , Max. 20.0mm

Width: Min. 0.6mm , Max. 40.0mm

Max Cross Section Area: 600mm2

Square Section: Min. 0.30mm , Max. 22.0mm

Hexagon Section: Opposite Side: Min. 0.9mm , Max. 22mm

For other sections, please contact us for details.


1. in coil without reel inside.

2. Shaped bars: as buyer’s requirement.

3. Plywood case.

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