‘Z’ shaped wire for Full-locked coil rope


Z-shaped or named as Z-profiled wire is used for the outer layers of Full-locked coil rope.

The designation of a full lock wire is established using the letter ‘Z’ and the height (h)

According to DIN EN 10264-3 stranded.

Size range: H2 to H6 mm

Tensile strength: 1370Mpa up to 1770Mpa

Dimensional tolerances for Z Profile wire

Nominal dimension
(height of profile)

Dimensional tolerance

Bright or coated

— Class B or D

Coated –Class A
2.0≤h<3.0 ±0.08 Waist: +0.25 / -0.05

Height, head, heel:

+0.15/ 0

3.0≤h<5.0 ±0.10 Waist: +0.25 / -0.05

Height, head, heel:

+0.15/ 0

5.0≤h≤8.0 ±0.12 Waist: +0.25 / -0.05

Height, head, heel:

+0.15/ 0


Minimum mass of coating of Z profile wire


dimension a


Minimum mass of coating b


Class B Class A Class D
2.0≤h<2.5 115 215 45
2.5≤h<3.2 125 245 50
3.2≤h<4.0 135 265 60
4.0≤h<5.0 135 275 70
5.0≤g≤8.0 150 290 80
dimension a: dimension of coated wire before removal of the coating.

coating b: means zinc of Zn95/Al5 (Galfan) alloy.

  1. High-tensile.
  2. From patented wire rod.
  3. Galvanized coated or Galfan (Zinc Alluminium 5% coated) coated both available.
  4. Packing on wooden reel or according to customer requirements.