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  • Vineyard wire

    Vineyard wire

    Vineyard wire

    Vineyard wire

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  • Vineyard wire


    Material: low carbon steel or high carbon steel.

    Diameter: 1.60mm-4.0mm

    Tensile strength: Low carbon 450-600N/mm2; High carbon1160-1510N/mm2

    Coating: Zinc Coated or Galfan Coated

    Packing: 5x100lbs or 10x100lbs or 15x25kg

                   Normal coils or Traverse coils

    Specification: ASTM A641, EN10244-2 or BS443 coating

    All can be produced according to customers’ actual requirement

    Application: for vineyards wire with the proper strength and a coating for long lasting trellis applications. The special coating can be for decades of life.

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