• Wire drawing line


  • Our state-of-the-art production line is composed of an Italian large-diameter straight wire drawing machine, several pieces of small and medium-diameter straight wire drawing equipment, as well as several pieces of wet wire drawing machines.

  • Straight wire drawing machine and semi-finished steel wires


  • Here is the wire rod payoff. We operate several pieces of straight wire drawing machines simultaneously. Wires are repeatedly drawn to meet customer specific requirements. This production line can manufacture cold-drawn steel wires in diameters ranging from 0.6mm to 12mm.

  • Heat treatment workshop


  • Pictured here is the bell-type annealing furnace. Prior to the drawing of fine wires, it is essential to perform heat treatment in this workshop. Protected with high-purity hydrogen and helium, iron wires need to undergo heating, thermal insulation and cooling procedures, thus allowing for an increase in mechanical strength and improved plasticity. Their surfaces are smooth and kept from oxidation.

  • Galvanized wire production line

  • Large-diameter galvanized wire production line


  • A single shaft of the steel wire pay-off unit weighs up to 2 tons.

  • Annealing is performed at a specific temperature after the drawing of steel wires. This allows us to achieve the required mechanical properties before galvanization.
  • Cleaning is carried out in four stages, which means the surface of the steel wire is cleaned with alkali, hot water, hydrochloric acid and cold water.

  • Cleaning with cold water after the use of hydrochloric acid

  • After cleaning is done, we put steel wires through the plating, drying and galvanizing procedures.
  • The galvanized steel wire is subjected to wiping procedure. This allows us to control the quality and weight of the zinc coating. The maximum weight of the zinc coating can reach 850g/㎡.

  • The steel wire is being taken up after galvanization.

  • According to customers’ requirements, we can produce different sizes of steel products which are packed on reels.

  • We also utilize vertical take-up devices to make heavy-duty products as per customers’ requirements. This production line can produce hot-dip galvanized or GALFAN steel wires. These steel wires are comprised of different materials, for example we use: low-carbon steel, medium-carbon steel and high-carbon steel. They vary in diameter from 1.6mm to 8mm. The monthly production capacity reaches 8,000 tons. Typical applications are found in cable armoring, aluminum conductor steel-reinforced cables, fences, screens, etc.



  • Small- and medium-diameter workpiece galvanizing line


  • This workshop incorporates 20 sets of small- and medium-diameter wire galvanizing equipment. It can produce electro-galvanized or hot-dip galvanized iron wires in diameters ranging from 0.15mm to 1.6mm. The monthly production capacity reaches 3,000 tons.



  • Here is the small-diameter galvanized iron wire winding workshop. We have more than 200 small-diameter wire winding machines. Upon request, we can carry out the rewinding of fine wires that have been galvanized.

  • Copper-coated steel wire production line

  • Steel wire pay-off

  • After wire payoff is done, we conduct the annealing process at specific temperature in order to achieve the desired mechanical properties.


  • The steel wires which have been annealed and cooled need to undergo the alkaline degreasing, rust removal, surface activation as well as copper electroplating procedures.

  • After copper electroplating is completed, steel wires are cleaned, dried and put through take-up devices. This production line contains 36 take-up devices. It produces copper-plated steel wires which are packed on reels or in Z2 coils. Their diameter ranges from 1.0mm to 5.0mm. These wires are mainly used in production of the inner frame of high-pressure rubber hose. The monthly production capacity reaches 1,000 tons.

  • Plastic coating line



  • This production line is used to coat galvanized steel wires with different materials like PVC, PE or nylon. It can process materials with diameters ranging from 0.2mm to 5mm. Plastic coatings are available in the customer’s choice of colors.

  • Pictured here is the pay-off machine for plastic coating line. Finished products are packed in small bundles or in coils as per customers’ requirements.
  • Steel strand and wire rope production line


  • We have eight production lines available for handling various specifications of steel strands. Our steel strands and wire ropes are manufactured in diameters ranging from 0.2mm to 30mm.


  • Steel strand and wire rope production workshop


  • Core material pay-off device


  • The tubular stranding machine can produce steel strands and wire ropes in various specifications, such as 1x3, 1x7, 1x19, 1x37, etc.
    It can also manufacture pre-stressed steel strands in dimensions of 12.7mm and 15.2mm.



  • Here is the take-up device.

  • We can pack the finished strands or wire ropes in solid wood reels or metal reels upon request. We also can produce the pre-stressed steel strands that are packed in coils.

  • Pre-stressed steel wire production line

  • Pre-stressed steel wire production workshop


  • The steel wires which have been cold drawn and galvanized are sent into this equipment. They are straightened under tensile load so as to obtain the axial stress.



    Stabilizing is conducted to achieve the low relaxation result.

  • The steel wire that has been stabilized must be cooled down to the room temperature and then coiled. This production line is established for creating low-relaxation galvanized steel wires in diameters of 5mm and 7mm. Main applications are found in prestressed concrete cable-stayed bridges.
  • Welded wire mesh production line



  • Welded wire mesh production workshop


  • In this workshop, there are a full line of welded wire mesh production machines from Switzerland Jäger brand. They can carry out the feeding, welding, mesh extraction and stacking procedures automatically.


    Main features of the high-efficiency production line:
    1. High-precision mesh aperture
    2. Min. line wire pitch: 20mm
    3. Min. cross wire pitch: 12.5mm
    4. Wire diameter: 2.0mm-10.0mm
    5. Typically used for roads fences, livestock fences and industrial protection applications

  • Reinforcing mesh production line


  • Steel bar straightening and cutting machine


  • In this workshop, advanced machines are used to perform feeding and welding procedures automatically. They can produce the reinforcing mesh in various specifications, according to Australian AS-NZS4671-2001 standard and British BS4483-2005 standard. Upon request, they can also customize the reinforcing welded wire mesh.
  • Stainless steel fine wire production line


  • Grades of the stainless steel wire rod: 201, 202, 301, 303, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 410, 416, 420, 430, etc.


  • Stainless steel fine wire warehouse


  • Woven wire mesh production line


  • Woven mesh production workshop
    We have established several workshops for production of woven wire mesh, crimped wire screen and hexagonal wire mesh. Pictured here is the woven mesh production workshop, where we use more than 100 machines to produce a variety of woven wire mesh in fully automated mode. These facilities have the capacity to handle aperture sizes of 0.003mm-10mm, wire diameters of 0.01mm-2.0mm, and a maximum width of 4 meters.


    We maintain an ample inventory of raw materials for woven mesh, which ensures the product variety and timely delivery of goods. We can produce the woven wire mesh in different materials, such as galvanized mesh, stainless steel mesh, pure copper mesh or pure silver mesh.



  • Stainless steel woven wire mesh is among our range of products. We can offer various types of weaving methods, including: plain weave, twilled weave, plain Dutch weave, twilled Dutch weave, reverse plain Dutch weave and reverse twilled Dutch weave. Raw materials include: stainless steel 304, 304L, 316 and 316L. All the length, width and aperture size can be customized upon request.



  • The wire mesh that has been flattened will undergo quality testing. We put every piece of woven wire mesh through the defect inspection, length/width measurement and the sampling of meshes. Test results are all recorded.


  • Well-packaged woven wire mesh


  • Woven wire mesh in stock


    Crimped mesh production workshop


    Introduction to the workshop:
    1. Produce a great variety of square-opening crimped wire mesh.
    2. Raw materials: zinc coating and stainless steel
    3. Wire diameter: 0.15mm-1.60mm
    4. Available in a wide selection of opening sizes
    5. Main uses: window screens, food screens, industrial sieves, etc.


  • Gabion production line


  • Description of the gabion production workshop:
    1. Twenty-six machines are available for producing a wide range of gabions.
    2. Wire diameter: 2.0mm-4.0mm
    3. Aperture size: 6x8, 8x10, 10x12, etc.
    4. Yearly production capacity: 12 million square meters


  • Our gabion production machine is imported from Italy.


  • The gabion manufacturing process

  • Perforated mesh production line


  • Introduction to the workshop:
    1. Twelve CNC machines are employed to produce the perforated mesh in more than 200 opening patterns and various sizes.
    2. Optional opening patterns: rectangular hole, square hole, diamond hole, round hole, hexagonal hole, cross hole, triangular hole, pattern hole, irregular hole, etc.
    3. The opening pattern can be created according to customer’s drawings.
    4. Bending is available upon request.
    5. Thickness of the conventional mesh: 1mm-10mm
    6. Thickness of the micro-porous mesh: less than 0.5mm

  • Punched mesh production line
  • Introduction to the workshop:
    1. Ideal for producing punched wire mesh parts in a variety of shapes
    2. An abundance of stamping dies available
    3. We provide mold customization and stamping services according to customer’s drawings.
    4. The punched mesh can be sintered for production of filters as per customer’s requirements.
  • Baling wire production line


  • Introduction to the production line:
    1. Steel wires are straightened, cut and bent in the baling wire production line.
    2. Size of the baling wire: 2.0-4.5mm
    3. Suited for baling of cotton, waste paper or garbage


  • Steel wire payoffs


  • Baling-wire forming machine

  • Steel nail production line


  • Approximately 300 advanced machines are operating in this workshop. They include a diverse range of high-speed automatic nail making machines and auxiliary equipment.


  • The automated and continuous production process involves four procedures: steel wire straightening, cold heading, cold extrusion and wire cutting. It is employed to fast produce steel nails in various specifications.


  • Our automatic thread rolling machine can fulfill various customers’ nail surface requirements. In this workshop, we can produce nails with a variety of surface treatments, e.g.,

  • smooth shank nails, screw shank nails and ring shank nails.

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