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  • Anbao(Qinhuangdao)Wire & Mesh Co., Ltd. is the main manufacturer and exporter of steel wire and wire product in China . 

    We are specialized in export of various kinds of wire and wire mesh products, We offer high quality steel wire; electro galvanized wire; hot dipped wire; stainless steel wire; woven wire mesh; welded wire mesh; hexagonal wire mesh; knitted wire mesh; demister; folding wire container; wire mesh belt and other wire related products.


    The company is under the control of ISO9001 quality control system, we give our customer quality guarantee. 

    Our philosophy is Quality + Sincerity + Service.

    We will reply your inquiry within 1 working day.


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  • Address:1302-1312, Tower A, Jinming International, No. 3 Liupanshan Road, ETDZ, Qinhuangdao, P.R. China 066000
  • Tel:0086-335-3893600 Fax:0086-335-3870760
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